• Prince Charles has an update on the Queen
  • Queen Elizabeth had COVID-19 last week
  • Here's what Charles said about her health

Prince Charles set the record straight on Queen Elizabeth's health during a new engagement.

The Queen, 95, was sidelined last week after testing positive for COVID-19. The Palace always said she had "mild" symptoms, but royal fans were concerned, and at one point a hoax even said the Queen had died — which wasn't true, of course.

The Queen is back: And Prince Charles has an update

On Tuesday, Prince Charles visited Southend-on-Sea and spoke about the Queen there. A local woman told Hello! that Prince Charles said: "She's a lot better now — it was very mild," referencing the Queen's case of COVID.

Queen Elizabeth has also returned to work, and so has Prince Charles, who dealt with the coronavirus himself days before his mother.

Queen Elizabeth II is back in action

So it's more good news on the Queen. The monarch had to cancel a few appointments late last week, but she made a comeback this Tuesday and appears to be on the mend.

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Prince Charles, Duchess Camilla, and Queen Elizabeth all tested positive for COVID-19 last month, but it looks like the royal COVID outbreak is nearing its end.