• Queen Elizabeth II has COVID-19
  • She cancelled her calls on Thursday
  • The Queen apparently had a "croaky" voice

Queen Elizabeth has been battling COVID-19 this week, and we've been following her day to day updates.

Despite her illness, the Queen has carried on with "light" duties. However, she left royal fans worried when she cancelled her virtual calls on Thursday. But it now sounds like the 95-year-old called them off due to a not-so-worrying symptom: a "croaky" voice.

Why Queen Elizabeth cancelled her last calls this week

It's good news: Royal sources told the Daily Mail there is no reason for alarm. The Queen was sounding a "little croaky" on Thursday, but she is "on the mend," the insiders said.

After the monarch postponed the calls, Buckingham Palace said she has no further appointments this week. So we likely won't hear from the Queen again until next week.

Also interesting:

The Queen has been limited to "light" duties since she tested positive for the coronavirus on Sunday.

She still kept a few appointments, including a call with Boris Johnson, but COVID also led to a few last-minute cancellations.

Let's hope Queen Elizabeth bounces back strong next week.