• Duchess Camilla will be known as Queen Consort
  • Camilla reflects on the new title in a recent interview
  • The duchess shares how it will impact her work

Duchess Camilla feels her new title will serve her well when it comes to her continued advocacy! In a recent interview, Camilla spoke about why being named Queen Consort is so significant, particularly when it comes to her involvement with a cause that's close to her heart.

Duchess Camilla says new title "does help" advocacy work

Duchess Camilla appeared on BBC Breakfast on Thursday, sitting down with Emma Barnett as she discussed becoming Queen Consort. The duchess called being given the title "a great honor," admitting that it "does help" further the important work she does in relation to women and domestic abuse. She also shared that she views it as a lifelong responsibility!

"You know if I start something like this, I'm not going to, to give up mid-channel," the Duchess of Cornwall shared. She then expressed how continuing to help women who have been affected by domestic violence is something she seeks to do "for a lifetime." Camilla had the title of Queen Consort bestowed on her by Queen Elizabeth II last month, timed to coincide with her Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

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Duchess Camilla will continue to be known by her current title until Prince Charles is coronated as king alongside her. Plans for the queen's Jubilee weekend celebrations in June are already underway, including a major attraction at the Tower of London. Camilla is also taking on another special role shortly after that time, becoming the latest royal to guest edit a British lifestyle magazine.