• Duchess Camilla was recently named Queen Consort
  • The Platinum Jubilee was well-timed for her new title reveal
  • Duchess Camilla and Prince Charles will become queen and king

Duchess Camilla is set to receive a new title in the future, and this reveal coincided with an important royal event! A royal source told People that Camilla's title being announced was strategically aligned with the queen's Platinum Jubilee, sharing why the timing is significant.

Duchess Camilla's title announcement "couldn't wait," source says

Duchess Camilla will continue to be known as a "duchess" for some time still. However, the world recently learned that once Prince Charles takes the throne and becomes king, Camilla will then be named Queen Consort. The insider explained that this announcement "couldn't wait until Charles was actually King," seeing as Queen Elizabeth II bestowed the title upon Camilla.

Prince Charles And Duchess Camilla Spending New Year's In Scotland

The Platinum Jubilee celebrates the monarch's 75-year reign, and the source said the announcement of Camilla's title "was almost tailor-made for this timing." While it was only recently confirmed that Camilla will be known as Queen Consort, these plans are actually said to have been in the works for some time! As People shares, a source said the intention was always for Charles and Camilla to become king and queen together.

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Camilla's new title being announced doesn't mean that there is any rush for her or Charles to assume these roles though. A spokesperson for Clarence House has told the outlet that "there are no plans of this nature at this stage," so it's likely it will be some time before Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla end up being known as King Charles and Duchess Camilla!