• Camilla will get the future title Queen Consort
  • The Queen's husband Prince Philip wasn't King Consort
  • Why does Camilla get the honour but not Philip?

In the coming years, Prince Charles will eventually succeed his mother Queen Elizabeth as ruler. But the royals have already made a big announcement about his future on the throne: Prince Charles's wife Duchess Camilla will be his Queen Consort.

Why was Prince Philip not "King Consort" to the Queen?

The Queen Camilla news has been divisive. But you may also be wondering why Queen Elizabeth's husband Prince Philip didn't get the same honour.

Prince Philip, who died at age 99 last year, was the longest-serving consort in the UK's history. But he was never known as "King Philip" or the King Consort beside the Queen.

So why is that? It comes down to an old royal rule. When the monarch is a woman, her husband cannot use the title of King. King only goes to male sovereigns, according to the BBC.

Instead, Prince Philip was HRH the Duke of Edinburgh and later a Prince of the United Kingdom.

Also interesting:

Before Queen Elizabeth, Queen Victoria was the most recent woman on the British throne. Her husband Prince Albert was "Prince Consort" and also not King.

The rule doesn't apply in the opposite direction. Many wives of Kings have been Queen Consorts — and, like it or not, Camilla will be next.