• Camilla will be the UK's next Queen Consort
  • Queen Elizabeth confirmed the divisive news
  • Prince William apparently has opinions about it

Duchess Camilla will be queen when Prince Charles is king, and everyone has thoughts about it — including Prince William.

Officially, Prince William has not commented on the news, leading some to suspect he disapproves of his stepmother's future title. But that's reportedly not the case.

Prince William is actually OK with "Queen Camilla" news

Understandably, Prince William and Prince Harry are known to have a complicated relationship with Camilla, who married their father after the death of their mother Princess Diana.

But all these years later, Prince William is now "supportive" and "respects" the decision to make Camilla queen consort, sources have told the Daily Mail.

According to the newspaper, William "has come to terms with" how happy Camilla makes his father, and he trusts the "judgement" of Queen Elizabeth, who personally endorsed the title news.

Also interesting:

So it looks like Prince William is on board with "Queen Camilla" despite their complicated past. Many royal fans, however, are less enthusiastic.

Some have not forgiven Camilla for her role in the breakdown of Charles and Diana's relationship.

But others have come to accept Camilla now 16 years into her marriage to Prince Charles.