• Queen Elizabeth has been monarch for 70 years
  • She spent the day on Feb. 6 in Sandringham
  • A detail about Prince Philip has been uncovered

It was a historic but also emotional weekend for Queen Elizabeth

The Queen celebrated her Platinum Jubilee: 70 years on the throne! But the 95-year-old has also been coping with the recent loss of her husband.

The emotional Prince Philip detail from the Queen's jubilee

For a change, the Queen did not have Prince Philip by her side for her big day. He died back in April after 73 years of marriage.

Queen Elizabeth spent the Jubilee weekend in Sandringham and even hosted a tea party before the historic day (Feb. 6).

But it turns out she had Prince Philip close by, in a way. At the tea party, the Queen was seen with a unique cane in hand. It belonged to her late husband.

Queen Elizabeth used Prince Philip's cane at her Jubilee.

The detail was revealed by Gyles Brandreth, who, familiar with Sandringham, told The Telegraph he "recognised the stick instantly."

He explained: "It was the Duke's stick and it is very touching that the Queen has started using it."

Also interesting:

Very touching indeed. Tomorrow will mark 10 months since the Queen's husband passed away at the age of 99.

Ahead of the Platinum Jubilee, the Queen stayed in Sandringham at Wood Farm, also known to be Prince Philip's favourite location.