• Queen Elizabeth II is dealing with COVID-19
  • A gossip blog spread a fake death report
  • This is how the Palace handled the hoax

Over the weekend, it was announced that Queen Elizabeth fell ill with COVID-19. Since then, fans have been worried about the monarch, who is at risk due to her proud age of 95.

But let's be clear: the Queen has not died. Still, a shock came on Tuesday. A gossip blog on Instagram falsely reported that the Queen passed away.

The British Royal Family often deals with false reports

"Sources close to the Royal Palace notified us exclusively that #QueenElizabeth has passed away," stated the blog Hollywood Unlocked. After the initial shock, it was quickly ruled a false report.

Instagram soon after flagged the post as "False Information" and no reliable sources reported a similar message. Media including Variety and Insider asked the Palace to comment, but the royals did not respond to the alleged news.

Also interesting:

Instead, Buckingham Palace released a statement on Wednesday. It said, according to the Independent, that the Queen held her weekly telephone audience with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The royals indirectly denied the false report.

However, it is doubtful that the statement was made in response to the death rumour. The Royal Family is often confronted with false reports and rarely comments on them.

We're wishing the Queen well as she continues to recover from the coronavirus.