• Prince Louis and Scarlett-Lauren Sirgue's relationship is over
  • The couple made a joint statement explaining the circumstances
  • Prince Louis and Scarlett-Lauren got engaged last year

Prince Louis of Luxembourg is no longer going to marry Scarlett-Lauren Sirgue! While the royal pair became engaged in April of 2021, they shared a statement on Wednesday announcing that their relationship has come to an end.

Prince Louis and fiancée had "fundamental differences"

Prince Louis and Scarlett-Lauren told the world that even though their romantic future together is over, they are still "deeply attached by friendship and tenderness." It does not seem as if their separation was the result of any animosity between them or scandal— the latter of which was recently the case with Princess Cristina of Spain. Instead, it sounds as though the two simply had some irreconcilable differences as a couple.

"In reflecting, together, on the commitment we wanted to make," Prince Louis and Scarlett-Lauren said in their statement, "we ended up admitting that our visions differ too much." While they do not elaborate further on what these specific differences are exactly, it's understandable how not being on the same page in terms of their future would be reason for them to separate.

Also interesting:

Prince Louis also mentioned "fundamental differences of opinion" while discussing the topic with French outlet Point de Vue. The royal's parents have reacted favourably to their son's decision to not marry as planned, with the palace saying that Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg "welcome the maturity of this decision." Even though Prince Louis ending his engagement may come as a surprise, it seems to be for the best!