• Queen Elizabeth II cancels Tuesday's engagements
  • The queen tested positive for COVID-19 last week
  • Queen Elizabeth II has cancelled events due to illness before

Queen Elizabeth II is putting her health first as she recovers from COVID-19! While the monarch has only shown mild symptoms of the virus, the latest update from Buckingham Palace explained that she is choosing to scale things back for now. 

Queen Elizabeth II declines to host virtual meetings

Queen Elizabeth II was originally supposed to have some virtual engagements on Tuesday, but now those will not be going ahead. As People shared, Buckingham Palace released a statement about the queen's decision, which reads similarly to their initial update on the royal's condition after she tested positive. 

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Even though the queen only has "mild cold-like symptoms" at the moment, this appears to have been enough for the 95-year-old monarch to put her planned meetings aside. The palace says she is expected to proceed with "light duties," which seems to refer to the queen's everyday responsibilities. And as People mentions, decisions about her upcoming events will be made on a day-by-day basis while she recovers from COVID.

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Queen Elizabeth II has had to cancel various events for health reasons over the past few months, including a trip to the climate summit and her annual Christmas lunch. There is concern that she may have contracted COVID from Prince Charles, who recently tested positive for the illness a second time. Hopefully it won't take long for the queen to bounce back!