• Prince Charles is positive for COVID-19
  • He saw Queen Elizabeth shortly before then
  • This is what we know about the Queen

Royal fans are worried for Prince Charles after he tested positive for COVID-19 today. But now there's growing concern for the Queen, as reports say the two royals met shortly before Charles's positive test.

Prince Charles has COVID: How is Queen Elizabeth doing?

The Palace has not yet commented on the Queen's status either way, leading some to worry. But the 95-year-old is thankfully not displaying any symptoms, sources have told People.

According to the Daily Mail, the two spent time together on Tuesday, but it's unclear if Prince Charles was carrying the virus at that time.

Queen Elizabeth is "being monitored" in the meantime, the reports say. She is vaccinated and has never had a known case of the coronavirus.

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Prince Charles, on the other hand, has now tested positive for a second time. He had the virus in March 2020, and the 73-year-old is currently in self-isolation after a reinfection today.

We wish a speedy recovery to Prince Charles and hope for the best on Queen Elizabeth!