Following a cancellation of a live appearance the queen was to make at the COP26 conference in Glasgow earlier this year, many have begun speculating if Queen Elizabeth's health is in decline. She has been hospitalized and stayed overnight for observation on a couple of occasions following the death of her late husband Prince Philip back in April.

This had led to many pundits and royal experts to conclude that Her Majesty in is the latter stages of her life, and we can perhaps expect a steady decline in her health in the months to come. This week, rumors were fueled again when Queen Elizabeth officially canceled her annual pre-Christmas lunch with her family this year.

Queen Elizabeth Cancels Lunch

Queen Elizabeth Cancels Lunch From Health Concerns

In previous years, the Queen has invited her extended family to join her before travelling to Sandringham in Norfolk, where she hosts immediate family over the Christmas break. But just like last year, it's not happening this year either. And the official reason is a heightened concern over the coronavirus pandemic, which is once again ravaging Great Britain.

On Monday, the country reported over 78,000 new infections, and with the Omicron variant taking hold, every precaution surrounding the Queen is being taken. While there is "regret" that the lunch has been canceled, there is a belief in the palace that it is "the right thing to do" for all concerned.

Her usual holiday plans seem to be unaffected otherwise, but it remains to be seen if the situation in Great Britain takes a turn for the worst over the next few days. She is still expected to address the nation on Christmas day, with many looking forward to her message of hope following a very difficult year for the British people!

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