• Queen Elizabeth II chooses not to attend Garden Parties
  • She has been present at less events due to her health
  • A royal expert weighs in on the Queen's decision

Queen Elizabeth II has decided to sit out yet another major event, and there's a good reason why! As the Daily Mail shares, Buckingham Palace announced on Wednesday that the monarch won't be in attendance at the royal Garden Parties this year.

Queen can't attend parties due to mobility issues

Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating her Platinum Jubilee this year, which marks 70 years of her reign on the throne as Britain's Queen. However, due to the 96-year-old royal struggling with her mobility, she has increasingly been scaling back her attendance at public events. This decision now includes the royal Garden Parties, which are held at both Buckingham Palace and Holyroodhouse over the next several weeks.

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Angela Levin, a royal expert, has offered her own thoughts on the matter. She called it "a good decision for the Queen" to not attend any of the Garden Parties, saying "there would be too much standing" for her to endure. Given that the Queen's mobility issues mean she is unable even to walk her beloved dogs, the idea of her having to be standing for long durations of time as she socializes with guests is sadly unimaginable today.

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While it's unfortunate that the Queen is unable to attend the Garden Parties this year, hopefully she will still be able to make an appearance another event that's important to her! The royal has previously expressed her desire to be present at the Epsom Derby next month, with the staff willing to make necessary accommodations for her.