• Queen Elizabeth II marks 70 years on the throne
  • A law has been changed for the June celebrations
  • The queen also recently celebrated her birthday

Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating 70 years of being on the throne this year, making her the longest reigning monarch in the United Kingdom! As the Mirror reports, a new law was even passed for the purpose of celebrating this occasion.

Queen's Platinum Jubilee extends English pub curfew

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee will officially be celebrated across the nation on the first weekend of June, with a variety of different activities planned at the time. During the festivities from June 2, 2022 to June 4, 2022, pubs in England will be allowed to stay open until 1 AM. There is currently a 11 PM blackout in the UK, after which pubs are no longer allowed to serve alcohol.

Queen Elizabeth Attends The Opening Of The Scottish Parliament

In addition to 70 years on the throne, Queen Elizabeth II also celebrates her birthday. While she turned 96 on April 21, her birthday is traditionally not celebrated until the beginning of June. This is done with the famous military parade in her honour called Trooping the Colour, which goes through the largest public square in London.

Also interesting:

So there is still an eventful year ahead of Queen Elizabeth II with some magnificent celebrations. It's thought that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may even return to the UK once again for the Platinum Jubilee, and be seen during a traditional event for the royal family. Some big name celebs will also be making appearances in a brand-new special commemorating the event!