• Martial artist Felipe Colares has died
  • He was only 29 years
  • The fighter was hit by a bus

Brazilian martial artist Felipe Colares was hit by a bus on his way home from a gym. He didn't die on impact but a short time after. Any help came too late. Colares' trainer Rodrigo Babi explained that first responders and emergency services were initially able to stabilize the martial artist, but ultimately he passed on.

Felipe's star was still on the rise...

In his native Brazil, the news have broken the hearts of many fight fans. The 29-year-old died of his injuries on the way to the hospital. More details about the accident are not yet known.

Also interesting:

In 2019, Colares made the leap to the UFC which is any prize fighter's biggest dream. Colares burst onto the scene, and fought a total of six fights there...

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