• Aaron Carter's autopsy report has been released
  • The cause of death is now established
  • He died from THIS

The news rocked the entertainment world. It was initially unclear whether the cans of compressed air and prescription pills found in his home were linked to his death. But now, six months after his death, there is certainty. And for many fans the news will be tragic and harrowing!

Aaron Carter met a sad end

Autopsy results obtained by 'TMZ' show he was on Xanax, a prescription anti-anxiety drug, and a chemical that can be inhaled with canned compressed air. The drugs left him incapacitated, so he slipped in the bathtub and drowned. 

Also interesting:

Although it was initially suspected that he died of an overdose, the autopsy ruled the death as an accident by authorities. His mother Jane had previously expressed doubts...

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