• Actor Alec Musser has died at 50
  • He was best known for 'All My Children'
  • The official cause of death is now clear

What a sad story this has turned into! In the days since news of Alec Musser’s January 12 death, more than a few of those with whom he worked over the years have found themselves with more questions than answers. And now, the entertainment world is in mourning after the devastating news that Alec has tragically ended his own life.

Alec's struggle was well-hidden

The star, adored by fans for his role as "Del Henry", was found lifeless in a scene that could have been plucked from a gripping TV drama, but, heartbreakingly, this was all too real.

Among those left reflecting on the late actor’s passing was Jacob Young, who of course played "JR" opposite Musser’s "Del Henry."

"I spoke with Alec several times a year, every year," he said in a statement. Both men, as fate would have it, followed paths which led them to the same state for at least part of the year. "He had a place in Utah, so whenever he’d come to Utah, I’d meet up with him. We always stayed in touch since our 'All My Children' days."

In fact, the pair did much more than simply stay in touch. "He was at my wedding," shared Young. During the early days of Young’s courtship with his now-wife, Christen, "we would all go out in New York City. We’d go out to dinners, and we really got to know each other during those years."

In a twist that has left the community reeling, Musser's fiancée, Paige Press, woke to a nightmare on the morning of January 13th. After a peaceful night in their Del Mar home, she discovered her beloved in the bathroom, his life extinguished by his own hand. The San Diego County Medical Examiner's office confirmed the cause of death as suicide, casting a dark shadow over Tinseltown.

"RIP to the love of my life," Press mourned on an Instagram story, her words echoing the grief of a love story cut tragically short. "I will never stop loving you. My heart is broken." The posts have since been removed, but her bio remains a poignant homage to her lost love: "True love stories never have endings," a quote now laden with fresh sorrow.

Also interesting:

Fans and friends alike are left with memories of Musser's vibrant life off-screen—a proud dog dad, an avid adventurer, and a "great home barista" as Press fondly remembered.

His Instagram, now a digital memorial, showcases his passion for surfing, skiing, and motorcycling, often with his furry companions along for the ride. For modern audiences, he will forever be the hilarious "Canadian guy" in 'Grown-Ups 2' and for good reason.

While Musser's time on "All My Children" from 2005 to 2007, and his stint on "Desperate Housewives" in 2011, might be his most notable credits, it's clear that his impact went far beyond the screen. As the celebrity world grapples with this loss, we remember a man who brought joy to many, both on and off the air.