Adam Driver recently went out of his way to give Ben Affleck's son the most amazing birthday surprise! On Tuesday's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Affleck shared what Driver did for his son Samuel, who's a massive fan of the Star Wars franchise. Not only did Driver send Samuel a bunch of Star Wars toys — he also sent a signed card, photo, and video message to Affleck's son from his Star Wars character, "Kylo Ren"!

Affleck called the moment Samuel opened his birthday gifts from Driver "incredibly moving and powerful." He also revealed that he nearly showed up to his son's birthday party without a gift, since he'd flown in from France and the presents he bought were unfortunately stuck in transit, so Driver's Star Wars surprise saved the day! "Adam made me a hero to my kid. And I will never, ever, ever, forget it," Affleck said.

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Driver's Star Wars surprise: "he was very kind," says Affleck

Driver had already filmed the video for Affleck's son Samuel before coming in with the last-minute birthday gift save, upon Affleck's request. "My son knows that I do movies — they’re kinda fake — that his mom’s [Jennifer Garner] in movies and that’s all pretend," Affleck said on Kimmel. “But he also knows that Star Wars is real. He knows there are guys out there fighting the emperor and that needs to get done".

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Affleck continued on, saying that he'd told his son that he was in a movie with "Kylo Ren" and his son instantly had his mind blown by that information. "He was like, ‘But dad! How? How do you know Kylo? Are you going to space?’ Will he have his lightsaber?’" Affleck said. 

So when Affleck told Driver how excited his son had been, Driver was more than happy to record a special birthday video message. "So I told Adam that, and he’s a sweetheart," Affleck said. "I said, ‘Can you tape a birthday video to my son?’ And he did and he was very kind".

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See Ben Affleck talk about Driver's Star Wars birthday surprise for his son in this clip from Tuesday's Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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