• Selena Gomez released a worrying video
  • Concerned fans fear for the star 
  • The singer responded to their comments

It all happened when Selena posted a video to TikTok, and a clear trembling of the singer's hands could be seen in it. Fans immediately commented on the video and expressed their deep concern for her. Hundreds of users pointed out her tremors and asked if she was okay. 

Selena is fighting her disease one day at a time

The comments kept piling on. And now the singer is reacting to her fans and their worried words. Selena put everyone at ease saying this: "Lol. I shake because of my medication for lupus"

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Nevertheless, fans are worried for the health and safety of one of their favorite stars! In 2015, Selena Gomez confirmed that she had been suffering from the chronic autoimmune disease, lupus, since 2013.

Watch the video above to learn more!