Award-winning musician Alicia Keys is opening up in her exclusive interview with Glamour U.K magazine about how this year has forever changed her. 

Referencing things such as the pandemic, Black Lives Matter, and more, Keys reveals that she's feeling more powerful than ever! 

Alicia Keys will never be the same

In her exclusive interview with Glamour U.K magazine, Alicia Keys is opening up about what it was about 2020 that turned her into a different version of herself, a change that she says is welcome.

Alicia Keys poses ahead of the MTV EMA's 2020 on November 01, 2020.

"Alicia 2020 is super tuned-in," she told the outlet. " I am fully in my power. I’m unafraid of taking risks. I’m unafraid of stepping out on a limb for something that’s extremely important."

"I am ready to shift, change, and remould, not only myself but everything around me and the world as we need it. So, I’m here to be of service, man," she continued. 

In association with the NFL, Keys also talks about her $1 billion dollar project that will support Black community members across the country, and support business owners.

"As an artist, I’m always thinking about how I can use my platform to further racial equality. Our goal is to empower Black America," she said.

"I can’t believe how many years of systemic racism we have to unravel, and come to terms with, and fight against, and redesign, and recreate," she added. "I feel like we have to literally force people to understand and to rethink how things are happening, how they’re running, who’s in charge, who we’re creating opportunities for. And at this point, I just think that it’s so deeply woven into the fabric. It’s not OK."

Keys also went on to share why she made the decision in 2016 to stop wearing makeup completely and reveals that suffered major acne problems growing up. This has inspired the singer to work on a skincare line to empower those around her.

"I’ve always had a challenging time with my skin and having to figure out how to manage it, and be in the spotlight," she said. "Having to constantly be in this crazy cycle of putting on makeup to cover the bumps and scars and then because I had makeup on under the hot lights, there were more bumps and scars. I felt like I had to hide everything and I felt really self-conscious.'

She continued, "I struggled so much in my skin and really even being clear about my self-confidence and self-worth. So, it’s a dream come true, [as] I’ve always wanted to create something [like this] because I wanted something that would work for me when I was having difficult times; that would make me feel great and that was also good for me."

The full interview is available for purchase in the Glamour U.K print issue now. 

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