The widow of late Nick Cordero, Amanda Kloots, has shared a special moment with her 1-year-old son, Elvis on Instagram. Amanda and Elvis have incorporated some of Nick's ashes into pottery as a way to "turn something sad into something joyful."

Amanda Kloots Finds Creative Way For Late Husband Nick Cordero's Ashes

Amanda Kloots recently shared how she is commemorating her late husband, Broadway star Nick Cordero, who passed at the age of 41 due to coronavirus. She and her son were invited to a close friend's pottery-making studio to embody some of his ashes into a new, beautiful vase. 

Kloots explained, "Elvis and I had a special afternoon today. My girlfriend from years on Broadway has an incredible pottery business in LA and she invited us to make pottery using some of Nicks ashes. I have recently learned how many ways you can repurpose ashes and make new things with them. I think it is beyond beautiful, a way to keep him living!"

Amanda stated the purpose of this was "to create a piece that Elvis and I could help with and have forever." A truly sweet tribute! 

Amanda and Nick had been married since 2017 and welcomed their first child, Elvis in 2019. She said that this moment was something "really special to do with Elvis."

In her Instagram Story, Kloots additionally commented just how "devastated" she was the day she picked up Nick's ashes, and that it was such "an emotional day" for her. Aside from her pottery-making, Amanda has also scattered some of his ashes into the Pacific Ocean and has future plans to add some into special jewelry and possibly get a tattoo in his honor from the same artist his best friend Scrubs star Zach Braff did.

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