Broadway Legend Nick Cordero's passing affected countless lives he touched over the years, including his good pal Zach Braff. Zach has been devastated by Nick's loss so he found a touching way to remember him with a new tattoo.

Zach Braff's Tattoo For Late Friend Nick Cordero

Scrubs star Zach Braff was very close with the Broadway star Nick Cordero, so close Nick asked Zach to look after his wife and baby son before he passed. Nick was admitted to the hospital with COVID-19 in critical condition in March, had to be put on a ventilator, and had his leg amputated because of the illness. After his long battle, Nick regained consciousness for a short while in may but ultimately died on July 5th at the age of 41. 

Zach had been keeping in close contact with Nick and his family ever since they starred in Bullets Over Broadway together for which Nick was nominated for a Tony Award. Now Zach not only helps to take care of his friend's widow and one-year-old son, Elvis, he also had a gorgeous tattoo inked on him in honor of his late friend. 

Tattoo artists to the stars Dr. Woo posted to Instagram his handy work on Braff showing Nick Cordero wearing the vintage suit and hat costume from his 2014 performance of Bullets Over Broadway and in mid song-and-dance. It is a perfect homage to his talented friend, encapsulating exactly who Nick was.

Stars Olivia Wilde and Josh Brolin commented with their support and Nick's widow Amanda Kloots even commented "Need to come see you for one."

Nick Cordero was endlessly loved and Zach's homage to him in tattoo form is a beautiful tribute to the great talent. Rest in peace, Nick.