Andy Cohen has shared a cute throwback photo along with a brand-new picture of his son, Ben! As Entertainment Tonight mentions, the talk show host shared side-by-side images of the two on social media on Sunday— and it's safe to say they definitely look alike!

Cohen and son Ben both share a love of "Snoopy"

Cohen took to Instagram to post the sweet photo, which shows him on the left as a little kid and Ben on the right. They're each dressed in similar outfits themed around the Peanuts character "Snoopy," as well as wearing hats and sneakers.

It's not just the outfits that have a resemblance either! Looking at the two pictures, Cohen and his son both have the same nose and smile, with Ben looking like a spitting image of his dad! "Twinning with Ben #Snoopy," Cohen captioned his post. 

Cohen has been spending time with his son in quarantine

Cohen shared in June that when he got COVID-19, the worst part for him was having to be away from his son. However, now that he's coronavirus-free, the two have been spending lots of father-son quality time together! As Entertainment Tonight mentions, Cohen also shared a video of himself and Ben on Instagram earlier this month, showing the two outside. "Where's Ben?" he asks his son. "Where's Daddy?"

And although social distancing rules are still in place, Cohen and Ben managed to have a virtual playdate with Anderson Cooper and his son Wyatt on Father's Day! Cohen and Cooper are close friends. The two have even shared the same nanny, as she went from caring for Ben to caring for Wyatt. Check out Cohen's adorable Instagram throwback that sees him "twinning" with his son here!