• Angelina Jolie was married to Brad Pitt
  • She accuses him of abuse
  • THIS is what we know

Jolie's legal team alleges Pitt's history of abuse, which reportedly escalated during a 2016 plane incident. The legal documents also reveal a contentious dispute over a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) tied to the winery's sale, hinting at Pitt's attempts to silence Jolie. This article dives into the heart of these allegations, the couple's legal skirmishes, and the impact on their family.

Things get ugly

In a dramatic turn of events, Angelina Jolie's legal team has thrown the spotlight back on Brad Pitt, alleging a disturbing pattern of abuse predating their infamous 2016 plane altercation.

According to Jolie, this incident marked a turning point, leading her to file for divorce and sparking a series of legal battles that continue to unravel.

At the core of their latest legal spat is Château Miraval, a symbol of their once-united front. Jolie accuses Pitt of blocking her from selling her share unless she agreed to an "expansive" NDA, aimed at burying allegations of Pitt's "personal misconduct." Pitt's camp counters, claiming Jolie's demands for a broader non-disparagement clause were unreasonable, though they sought to protect the winery's reputation.

Beyond the legal jargon and property disputes lies a family grappling with the fallout. Jolie and Pitt, who share six children, have seen their private struggles spill into the public eye, raising questions about the impact on their kids and the true cost of their contentious split.

While Pitt's representatives have remained tight-lipped, sources close to him accuse Jolie of introducing "misleading" information to sway public opinion. Jolie's camp, however, maintains that the lawsuit against her has forced her hand, potentially leading to a trial where she may have to reveal more about Pitt's alleged abuse.

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As the legal drama unfolds, the world watches, awaiting the next chapter in what has become a saga of love turned sour, fame under scrutiny, and a family's private pain laid bare. Will justice prevail, or will the secrets of Château Miraval remain locked behind closed doors?