• Brad Pitt's scores victory in legal battle
  • Over Chateau Miraval estate
  • Against ex Angelin Jolie

Hollywood heartthrob and seasoned actor Brad Pitt has just bagged a hat-trick of legal victories in his bitter feud with ex-wife Angelina Jolie over their prized French vineyard, Chateau Miraval. The 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' star is not backing down in what's being dubbed the 'War of the Rosé'. Pitt's determination to overturn Jolie's secretive sale of her vineyard stake to Russian billionaire Yuri Shefler is proving fruitful, with the French court siding with him yet again!

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Vineyard victory: Pitt's french court triumph

The Aix-en-Provence appellate court delivered a blow to Shefler's ambitions, denying his firm access to crucial documents and slapping him with a hefty legal bill. It's a move that's got the grapevines trembling with excitement! Pitt's legal prowess is showing no signs of wilting, as he fights to protect the estate where he and Jolie exchanged vows in 2014.


Jolie's Secret Sale Saga: A Thorn in Pitt's Side!

The saga began when Jolie stealthily sold her stake to Shefler for a cool $64 million, allegedly breaching a pact to offer Pitt the right of first refusal. The move came hot on the heels of a custody ruling favoring Pitt, adding fuel to the fiery legal battle. Pitt's not just defending his winery; he's defending his rights!

It's been revealed that Shefler, tried to coerce Pitt into a partnership following the under-the-table deal. But Pitt, described by a source as unwavering against bullying, has stood his ground. The legal documents paint a picture of Shefler's aggressive tactics, but Pitt's resolve remains as robust as a fine vintage.

The Rosé beginnings: From love to legal warfare

The Miraval estate, a 1,300-acre slice of Provencal paradise, has gone from a symbol of Pitt and Jolie's love to a battleground. Their 2016 divorce set the stage for a clash that's now captivating the world. With Pitt's recent courtroom wins, the tide seems to be turning in his favor.

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