• 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button' is still unique today
  • The effects in particular were very well received
  • THIS is how Brad Pitt went from old to young

'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button' remains a timeless masterpiece. The film tells the story of a man whose aging unfolds in reverse. Through the use of makeup, masks, computer technology, and diverse lighting techniques, Brad Pitt convincingly portrays both the old and young phases of his character.



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'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button'- Brad Pitt's transformation

In the film, Brad Pitt takes on the role of "Benjamin Button," captivating viewers in 2008 with the astonishing effects of the aging process. In an interview with 'Variety,' makeup creator Greg Cannom discussed the meticulous work behind the scenes: “I had the time to do it right, which I usually don't on a film.” 

Authenticity took precedence over speed for the producer. Cannom stressed the importance of intensive two-week tests before filming, covering every age range with meticulous makeup trials. “The makeup had to work or the film wouldn't work,” he emphasized.

Costumes played a crucial role, especially in tackling the challenge of blending youth and old age. Success hinged not only on costumes and makeup but also on the collaborative efforts of the team.

Brad Pitt in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

The technology used for "Benjamin Button" 

The technology of the time played a pivotal role. In fact, Brad Pitt isn't visible in the first 52 minutes of the film. In a unique approach, the actor performed the scene in advance, and his facial expressions were then translated to a computer-generated replica. The primary challenge in crafting "Benjamin Button" lay in making the robotic version appear as lifelike as possible.

The pressure to meet the high standards was correspondingly great in 2008. "We had a hard time hiring people for this show, because everyone thought we were going to fail," said the film's supervisor Steve Preeg in an interview with 'Digital Domain'. "No one wanted to be associated with a project where we made Brad Pitt look creepy and a $150 million movie goes down the toilet because we made a zombie Brad," he continued.

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Certainly, those concerns were unfounded. The team successfully transformed "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" into a technical masterpiece that continues to captivate and astonish viewers to this day.