Dua Lipa is opening up about what quarantine has been like for her! As People reports, the "Break My Heart" singer appeared via video on Good Morning Britain this Wednesday, where she shared that she's been self-isolating in "a random Airbnb" with her boyfriend Anwar Hadid! 

Dua Lipa on self-isolation with boyfriend: "It's been really, really good"

"Both my boyfriend and I are quite used to making anywhere a home. We travel a lot, so this is fine," Lipa said of the situation, which she called "all good". Then, she went on to talk about how she and Hadid have been spending their time recently.

"It’s been really, really good," Lipa revealed. "We’re good at doing our things, then coming together when we want to watch a movie, or play a game, or do some painting, or go on our one daily walk".

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Dua Lipa talks Airbnb isolation and early release of her new album

Lipa admitted that even though things are going well for her in isolation, everything came together relatively last minute. She mentioned that after returning from Australia her apartment flooded, which is why she and Hadid needed to relocate! "When the self-isolation thing started to happen, then I kind of quickly had to find a spot," Lipa shared with the host of Good Morning Britain, Lorraine Kelly.

The singer, who released her sophomore album Future Nostalgia just last week, also talked about why she decided to share her new music with the world when she did. "This is probably a weird time to put music out, so I hope it takes your mind off whatever is going on in the background and outside and gives you a moment of joy," Lipa said about the dance-pop album, which dropped on March 27th. 

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Lipa says staying connected gives her "a bit of clarity and calm"

Lipa also talked about the fact that since being in quarantine, which was enforced by the United Kingdom on March 23rd, she's been "taking every day, by day".  Even in her current isolation situation, she admitted that it's not always easy. "Some days are just a little bit harder than the others," Lipa said. "Some days go by quickly and some days you’re like, ‘When is this going to end?'"

She also said that the feelings people are experiencing in these uncertain times are justified. "You have to allow yourself to feel all these things, all these feelings are completely valid," Lipa shared. While being isolated from the world, she's made sure to stay connected to the people in her life through phone calls, FaceTime, and Zoom, which she says "always gives you a bit of clarity and calm".

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Lipa shares she's used time in isolation to catch up with family

Making the effort to stay connected is something that Lipa says has really helped her through this time. "Just talking to your friends a little bit and whoever you with at home," she says, "sharing your experience to make it a lot easier".  She said that for her personally, having this time in isolation has been an opportunity for her to connect with people who she hasn't had the chance to catch up with in a while.

"I think, ‘Now is the time to make all those calls that you’ve been putting on the backburner.’" Lipa said. "There are family members all over the world that I haven’t had a chance to call and talk to because I’ve been so busy promoting the record and traveling, whereas now I have so much time I’ve just been making all those phone calls and catching up with everyone, so that’s been really lovely".