• Ariana Grande has finally officialized her split
  • The singer breaks up once and for all with Dalton Gomez
  • HERE are some details about the process

Let's take a dive into the whirlwind of romance, breakups, and fresh starts as we uncover the juicy details of her recent divorce and budding relationship with Ethan Slater.

No Mess, No Fuss, Just Cash!

Pop princess Ariana Grande is back on the market, folks! After a hush-hush marriage to real estate hottie Dalton Gomez, the "Thank U, Next" songstress has officially signed off on her single status.

The pair, who tied the knot in an intimate Montecito ceremony, called it quits after just two years of wedded bliss.

The duo kept it clean and drama-free, thanks to a savvy prenup. Ariana's one-time payout of $1.25 million to her ex is making headlines, but let's not forget the half proceeds from their L.A. love nest sale. And let's throw in a cherry on top with Ariana footing up to $25K in legal fees for Gomez.

Talk about a sweet, sweet fantasy, baby!

But wait, there's more! Rumor has it Ariana's heart is all aflutter for her "Wicked" co-star, Ethan Slater. The two have been spotted cozying up, and whispers of a romance have been swirling faster than a broomstick in a tornado. Did their love bloom on the set while they were still hitched to others?

Only time will tell!

Also interesting:

Ariana's not just making waves in her personal life – her seventh studio album, "eternal sunshine," is out and it's a bop! Fans are playing detective, trying to match songs to her love life saga. But our girl Ariana is calling for peace, asking fans to tune into the love vibes and ditch the hate.

Stay tuned for more on Ariana's rollercoaster ride of love and music!