• Ariel Winter is a famous actress
  • She starred in Modern Family
  • Learn more about her body-shaming experience

Ariel Winter had to face awful comments from Modern Family viewers despite starring on the show as a young girl.

The star, who began playing "Alex Dunphy" at age 11, has admitted she received "hate" and body-shaming messages after just a few years on Modern Family. In her teens, she says she was getting called a "fat s**t" by viewers.

Ariel Winter was body-shamed by Modern Family fans

On Red Table Talk, Winter said the messages came from people who said they were Modern Family "fans." They shamed her for her developing body, weight gain, and the fashion choices she made in her life away from TV.

Ariel Winter Was Body-Shamed By Modern Family Fans

Winter, who is now 23, believes the hate came because she acted differently in real life than "Alex" did on TV. She was called "a horrible role model" and got intensely shamed for gaining 30 lbs — which Winter says was caused by her use of antidepressants.

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She spent years trying to "fix" the so-called issues, but Winter now says she is committed only to making herself happy. For Winter's full comments on this difficult experience, please watch the video above.