• Avicii was a well-known DJ
  • He died in 2018 at the age of 28
  • His mother reveals how she feels about his death today

Avicii had huge success as a DJ and his hits are still playing on the radio today. In 2018, the then 28-year-old, whose real name was Tim Bergling, took his own life. April 20 marks the fifth anniversary of his death. Anki Lidén is still struggling with the loss of her son. In an interview with the Swedish magazine 'Vi', the actress, who is famous in Sweden, speaks openly about it.

Avicii's talent will never be forgotten

"I feel immense sadness but no more guilt. Tim didn't want me and [his dad] to know everything, it was probably a way to protect us and maybe me especially. You have to respect that," she said.

Also interesting:

"It wasn't cancer, it wasn't a heart attack, it wasn't an accident. And he was so young. Now we are convinced that he suffered from psychosis [...] Tim was a thoughtful, introvert who could find social life very difficult at times," she confessed. Although his parents knew that the DJ was struggling with his fame, they did not expect this tragic outcome...

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