• Nick and Aaron Carter are now laid bare on screen
  • A new docuseries about their lives is coming
  • HERE is what we know so far

In a riveting new docuseries, 'Fallen Idols: Nick and Aaron Carter,' the tumultuous lives of pop sensation Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys and his late brother, Aaron Carter, are laid bare. From serious allegations against Nick to Aaron's tragic demise, this Investigation Discovery series promises an unflinching look at fame, scandal, and the complexities of brotherhood.

The Allegations Against Nick

The pop world braces itself as the Carter brothers' rollercoaster lives are spotlighted in the much-anticipated docuseries, 'Fallen Idols: Nick and Aaron Carter.'

This explosive two-part series is set to reveal the gritty details behind the headlines, including Nick Carter's sexual assault accusations and Aaron Carter's heart-wrenching battle with addiction and mental health, culminating in his untimely death in November 2022.

Nick Carter, a name synonymous with '90s pop royalty, faces grave accusations from three women, claiming sexual assault. The series will feature interviews with the accusers - Melissa Schuman, Ashley Repp, and Shannon “Shay” Ruth - shedding light on their harrowing experiences.

Despite Nick's vehement denials and counter-lawsuits claiming defamation, the controversy continues to shadow the pop star's illustrious career.

Aaron Carter's journey, marked by incredible talent and devastating struggles, will be poignantly explored. His battles with substance abuse and mental health issues, leading to an accidental drowning, paint a tragic picture of a life overwhelmed by the pressures of fame.

Real life on screen

The series doesn't shy away from the brothers' strained relationship, further complicated as Aaron publicly supported Nick's accusers.

The docuseries promises an intimate look into the Carter family dynamics, featuring insights from Nick's ex-girlfriend Kaya Jones, Aaron's former fiancée Melanie Martin, and an unnamed Carter family member.

The family's internal conflicts and the public feud between the brothers add a deeply personal layer to the narrative, offering viewers a glimpse into the private struggles behind public personas.

With direct quotes from key figures involved, "Fallen Idols" aims to present a balanced view of the complex web of fame, scandal, and family loyalty. Nick Carter's legal team has strongly refuted the allegations, framing them as part of a "calculated and concerted disinformation campaign."

Yet, the series seeks to give voice to all sides of the story, setting the stage for a compelling exploration of truth and perception.

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'Fallen Idols: Nick and Aaron Carter' is set to air on Investigation Discovery on May 27 and 28 at 9 p.m. ET.

This docuseries not only promises to unravel the controversies surrounding the Carter brothers but also to offer a raw look at the challenges of navigating fame, personal demons, and family bonds.