• Taylor Swift is an American musical superstar
  • She recently went viral for stopping a live performance
  • Taylor defended a fan from a security guard

Who doesn't love Taylor Swift? Known for being one of the most approachable people in Hollywood, Taylor also knows when it's time to get serious! A recent Twitter video went viral of Taylor stopping a live performance of her song "Bad Blood" to put an end to an incident between a fan and a security guard.

Taylor isn't playing any games!

In the middle of the song, you see Taylor approach the front of the stage with a serious look on her face. "She wasn't doing anything. Hey! Stop!" Taylor says...

Also interesting:

Apparently a security guard wanted to usher some concertgoers away from the stage, and Taylor wasn't having any of it! And now the Swiftie in question is finally speaking out...

Watch the video above to learn more!