• Aaron Taylor Johnson is in a unique relationship
  • His wife is 23 years older
  • THIS is how he breaks it down

It's high time for the actor now. His star is on the rise and he is experiencing all the bliss of Tinsel Town's glitz and glamour. Get the inside scoop on the couple's defiance of societal norms and Aaron's coy dance around the "007" question! There's so much to unpack in this one, folks.

Aaron's Fast-Track to Family Life!

When Aaron Taylor-Johnson, the dashing 'Bullet Train' star, fell for the talented director Sam Taylor-Johnson on the set of 'Nowhere Boy,' age was just a number! Many fans have often wondered the reason behind the massive age gap. After all, it's very uncommon to see a younger man with an older woman in Hollywood.

The actor, a mere 18 to her 42, didn't just snag a role; he found a lifetime co-star. Fast forward, and the pair are nearing a dozen years of wedded bliss, complete with "four gorgeous daughters" and a love story that scoffs at the calendar!

Forget the norm! Aaron zoomed past life's checkpoints, embracing fatherhood and step-parenthood in his teens. With two kids of their own and two stepdaughters, the Taylor-Johnsons are a testament to love's power to leap over age barriers.

And Aaron? He's just getting started, with big-screen hits and whispers of a certain spy role on the horizon.

Also interesting:

In a twist fit for a spy thriller, Aaron's lips are sealed tighter than MI6's vault on the Bond buzz. Despite a source's claim to 'The Sun' about a "formal offer" for the coveted role, the actor's silence speaks volumes.

With 'The Fall Guy,' 'Nosferatu,' and 'Kraven the Hunter' on his docket, Aaron's keeping us guessing – is he the next "007"?