Dennis Quaid believes age difference doesn't enter the conversation of true love. The 66-year-old actor knows first-hand, too, as he tied the knot with his beloved 27-year-old wife, Laura Savioe, in June 2020.

On Thursday, Quaid joined Today host Hoda Kotb and guest host Maria Shriver to chat about the Parent Trap reunion, lockdown life, and his new marriage—which nears its two-month anniversary on August 2.

Dennis Quaid talks age gap with new wife, Laura Savoie 

During the virtual interview, hosts Kotb and Shriver were eager to chat with Quaid about his new wife, Laura, who's 39 years his junior. But, for Quaid, the age gap angle is more of an afterthought.

"What is it like this time?" Shriver asked, as Quaid at age 66 has now entered his fourth marriage. "You have a pretty big age gap, right?"

"There's 30-something years between us, and we just don't even notice it," he revealed. "I've never related to someone in my life better than we do.

"We have such a great relationship and you know, love finds a way, wherever it is," he continued. "You never know when love is coming, who that's gonna be, and you have no control over it. We just couldn't be happier." 

"That is the sweetest," Kotb agreed.

Dennis Quaid at age 66 is married for a 4th time

The actor was previously married to P.J. Soles, Meg Ryan, and Kimberley Buffington. 

Quaid and Savoie eloped to Santa Barbara in June, when they married after having been engaged since October 2019. People exclusively broke the story, and received comments from Quaid at the time. "It was love at first sight," he said. "I just love who she is as a person. Her character, her intelligence, of course, her beauty. And her point of view of the world."

Quaid had joined Today to discuss the Parent Trap reunion, which took place as a fundraiser event with Katie Couric on July 21. The Far From Heaven actor is also due to portray Ronald Reagan in an upcoming project titled Reagan