• Katherine Schwarzenegger has stirred up debate online
  • She has taken a jab at the Met Gala
  • THIS was her reshared post

Katherine Schwarzenegger, best-selling author and daughter of Maria Shriver, has stirred the fashion pot with her recent Instagram story. Following the 2024 Met Gala, Schwarzenegger reminisced about the event's more "chic and classy" days, contrasting it with the modern, bold looks.

A Blast from the Chic Past

Following the annual event on Monday, May 6, Schwarzenegger reshared a photo that her mother Maria Shriver posted in an Instagram carousel. The upload was a recap from a year that Shriver attended the gala. 


"It’s the first Monday in May and the Met Gala is underway! Things were a little more low key when I attended back in 2001, but I thought I would share some photos from that wonderful night," Shriver said in her caption. 

For the year she attended, the former First Lady of California wore a lavender boat neck gown with a matching sheer shawl. 

"Not only did I get to wear this beautiful dress, but I got to attend with both my parents, as well as my cousin, Caroline. What do you think: would we rock the red carpet in these same looks tonight? #metgalaflashback," Shriver concluded. 

This light-hearted jab at the current fashion scene has fans and fashionistas alike buzzing. What's the real score on Met Gala fashion? Let’s dive into the glitz, glamour, and controversy!

"Remember when the Met Gala was all about elegance?" seems to be the question Katherine Schwarzenegger is putting out there. After this year's Met Gala, themed "A Garden in Time," Schwarzenegger took to Instagram, sharing a throwback photo from her mother, Maria Shriver's, attendance in 2001. The caption? "When the Met Gala was chic and classy." Shots fired? Maybe so!

Maria Shriver, in a stunning lavender gown, epitomized the timeless elegance of past Galas. But Katherine's nostalgic nod wasn't just a personal musing—it sparked a full-blown debate on fashion evolution.

This year's Met Gala wasn't short of spectacle or controversy. With a theme like "Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion," celebrities were bound to push boundaries. Zendaya, Doja Cat, and Karol G were just a few who brought their A-game, redefining what it means to dress for such an occasion.

Zendaya's transformation into a floral fantasy and Doja Cat's poetic take on a soaked T-shirt look have been the talk of the town. But not everyone's buying it. Schwarzenegger's critique hints at a longing for the Met Gala's more understated, classic roots.

Is the Met Gala losing its chic charm, or is it bravely marching into a new era of fashion forwardness? Schwarzenegger's commentary has opened up a Pandora's box of opinions.

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Some yearn for the return of understated glamour, while others celebrate the boldness of today's red carpet choices.

Katherine Schwarzenegger's wistful look back has certainly stirred the pot, but it also highlights the ever-evolving nature of fashion. Whether you're team classic elegance or avant-garde boldness, one thing's for sure—the Met Gala will continue to be a battleground for fashion's finest.