• Barry Keoghan reveals he is "really flirtin'" with his co-star
  • Keoghan and Jacob Elordi co-star in 'Saltburn'
  • They have great chemistry on and off-screen

The sizzling silver screen has done it again, folks! The 2023 film 'Saltburn' isn't just a cinematic spectacle – it's a bona fide cultural phenomenon, and here's the juicy scoop that's got everyone buzzing. The film's steamy content has been the talk of the town, but it's one particular racy scene that's set the internet ablaze and birthed a best-selling candle. Yes, you heard it right – a candle!

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Actors Jacob Elordi and Barry Keoghan, the heartthrobs of the hour, turned up the heat with their on-screen romance, and fans can't get enough. The pair's chemistry is so electric that it sparked a near-kiss moment at the LA premiere, leaving fans swooning and social media in a tizzy. "Find you a man that looks at you the way Barry Keoghan looks at Jacob Elordi," swooned one X (formerly Twitter) user, capturing the collective sigh of the internet.

13 November 2023 - Los Angeles, California - Jacob Elordi, Barry Keoghan. Los Angeles Premiere of MGM s Saltburn at The

But wait, there's more! A GQ exposé has fans whispering that this might not be just a case of movie magic. Barry Keoghan himself spilled the tea, saying, "I'm really flirtin'." The Irish actor opened up about his bromance with Elordi, calling him "like a brother" and emphasizing the comfort level between them. It's all about being "comfy," as Keoghan puts it.

Candid take on friendship in the entertainment industry

Barry's candidness about their friendship is refreshing in an industry often shrouded in mystery. He admits that this level of openness wasn't part of his teen years, but with Elordi, it's a different story. "Messin' about. Havin' a laugh. We're bein' lads," he says, reflecting on their shared experience of filming the intimate scenes.

From grave-humping to nude dancing, "Saltburn" has it all, and if Keoghan's words are anything to go by, we're all in for a wild ride. So, grab your popcorn – and maybe that candle – because this is one story that's just heating up!

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