• Ashley Graham embraces natural beauty 
  • She looks beautiful au naturel
  • The model is gorgeous

Ashley Graham (36) is catching attention not only on the runway but also in her everyday life! The supermodel and advocate for body positivity captivates admirers when she embraces a makeup-free look, highlighting her innate beauty.

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In a 'Harper's Bazaar' video from 2022, she demonstrates her nightly skincare routine by washing off all her makeup. Remarkably, her beauty shines even more without makeup.


Graham emphasizes the importance of her skincare routine in maintaining fresh and healthy-looking skin, while also acknowledging the role her genes play in her overall appearance.

From bullied teen to runway Queen

Graham's Inspiring Journey!" Despite a challenging past, where she faced bullying and body shaming, Graham has risen above it all to become a symbol of empowerment. Her message of body positivity has inspired millions, and her latest Instagram post is a testament to her commitment to authenticity. Graham, already a loving mother of two, is now juggling the joys and trials of a growing family with her husband, Justin Ervin.

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Yes, she can! Graham's fans are cheering her on as she navigates the world of parenting three young children while maintaining a successful modeling career. Her ability to do "hard things" is not just a personal mantra but an inspiration to mothers and women everywhere who strive for balance and self-acceptance.