Fans everywhere loved Dirk Benedict on screen for his breakthrough roles in Battlestar Galactica and The A-Team. However, did you know that the successful actor actually made his first on-screen appearance in 1972?


What was Dirk Benedict's first ever role? 

Dirk Benedict starred in the 1972 drama/romance film Georgia, Georgia as "Michael Winters." The film was actually written by the very famous Maya Angelou and was about a black American singer named "Georgia" (Diana Sands) who goes to Stockholm, Sweden for a show. There, she meets an American deserter (Dirk Benedict) and falls in love.

Dirk Benedict appeared in Hawaii Five-0 

His second ever appearance was also in 1972 in one of our favourite television series, Hawaii Five-0. He played the role of "Walter Clyman" in the 1972 episode "Chain of Events" in the original crime-drama series. His success only continued to grow after that when he played "David Blake" in Sssssss in 1973. We can't really imagine the entertainment industry without the handsome Dirk Benedict gracing our screens over the years!