Dirk Benedict has been acting since the 1970's in many classic movies and television series that people still love today. He met his only wife, actress Toni Hudson in to 80s and they got married in 1986. They have two sons together, George and Roland. Hudson even appeared in the fourth season episode "Blood, Sweat and Cheers" of The A-Team alongside her husband Dirk, as "Dana". 

Marla Heasley alias „Tawnia Baker“

The former heartthrob has moved to Montana...

'The A-Team': Where Is Dirk Benedict Today?

Dirk Benedict and Toni Hudson's Divorce

The couple decided to get a divorce in 1995 after nine years of marriage. It seems as though Dirk was was a self-described "Mr. Mom" in the early 2000s as he was raising their two sons alone the majority of the time. Toni Hudson moved to Los Angeles (from Montana where Dirk and the boys lived) and the boys would only go visit her for a few weeks each year. It seems as though Toni Hudson had other plans and needed to get away to Los Angeles.


Dirk Benedict raised his boys as a single father

Dirk spent a good chunk of his years raising his two boys solo and he wouldn't have had it any other way. He was quoted saying, "I love them madly. I've had people say, 'You're sacrificing your life for your children,' but I don't look at it as a sacrifice."

Toni Hudson got married a third time after her relationship with Dirk ended to Judd Tyler Mintz. Their marriage lasted from 1996 to 2011. She is since, single as well as Dirk Benedict. Toni is very active on social media, often posting pictures to her Instagram account.