One of the world's biggest supermodels is opening up about what it is like living with an illness that is oftentimes hidden and unnoticeable. Bella Hadid shared a screenshot of common symptoms of those suffering from Lyme disease and shared which ones she suffers from.

Bella's mother, Yolanda Hadid, has been a very vocal activist in the community, sharing her own very real experiences with the disease herself. The two have often spoken out and hosted charities and fundraisers in hopes of creating a cure, and proper treatments.

Bella Hadid takes the time to educate her fans

Unlike many other diseases, Lyme disease isn't something you can visually see, and therefore often goes unnoticed and even undiagnosed. Bella Hadid is hoping that changes!

The supermodel posted to her Instagram and shared a screenshot from a popular Palestinian chef, that dissected the symptoms of the uncommon illness.

One slide listed around 30 symptoms, some of which including headaches, insomnia, foggy brain, anxiety, sensitivity to light, nausea and joint pain.

"Every day I feel at least 10 of these attributes without fail," the model wrote. "Since I was probably 14 but more aggressively when I turned 18."

The original post coined the disease as one that is a "constant minefield that keeps on giving", and Hadid confirmed that is how she feels, too.

"The truth," she wrote. "The invisible disease, with no cure."