Bella Hadid is back with Victoria's Secret after the underwear brand faced some major backlash in 2020. The notorious lingerie line was met with some criticism after past models claimed backstage there was sexual harassment, bullying, and body shaming.

Hadid herself was part of the models that spoke up, but the fashion giant is rebranding, and Hadid isn't afraid to jump right back in and get in front of the camera.

Bella Hadid is reclaiming power

Ed Razek, the former brand ambassador for Victoria's Secret, is a thing of the past, and Hadid shares that the new people involved with marketing make it a much better environment.

While laying on a red couch, Hadid shares some behind-the-scenes footage wearing hardly anything at all! Her brown hair falls effortlessly as she shows off her thin figure. 

Hadid shared in an interview Wednesday to E! News that despite it being uncomfortable to be so vulnerable, she feels better than she ever has before.

"Another way that I realized my growth, which was super important for me, was being able to be in a setting that I once felt unempowered, and to now feel so empowered and so reassured," she told the outlet.

"So the thing about Victoria's Secret for me now is that they really, really care about us," she added.

She continued, "Gone are the days of asking, 'Well, what's the vision of what a woman is supposed to be?' From a man's perspective."