• Violet Affleck fights against masks bans in LA
  • She takes a stand during the Public Comment section
  • She is the daughter of actors Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

Violet revealed her personal struggle with a post-viral condition she contracted in 2019, emphasizing the unpredictable consequences of viruses. "I'm OK now, but I saw first-hand that medicine does not always have answers," she shared, highlighting the long-term effects of COVID-19, including the debilitating long COVID syndrome. With one in 10 infections leading to long COVID, Violet's advocacy for mask availability, high-quality free testing, and opposition to mask bans struck a chord.

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Violet Affleck: Demands for change

The young activist didn't stop at sharing her story. She laid out a clear demand for increased mask availability, air filtration, and far-UVC light in government facilities, including jails and detention centers. Violet also called for mask mandates in county medical facilities and stressed the importance of expanding access to free tests and treatment. "They do not keep us safer; they make vulnerable members of our community less safe," she asserted, advocating for a more inclusive Los Angeles.

Behind Violet's public advocacy lies a supportive family. Jennifer Garner, 52, and Ben Affleck, 51, have raised Violet alongside their other children, Seraphina (15) and Samuel (12). Garner, in particular, has spoken about the challenges and joys of parenting teenagers, emphasizing her love and understanding for this age group. "I just have a huge heart for teenagers," Garner shared with 'PEOPLE,' highlighting the reciprocal learning journey between her and her children.

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Violet Affleck's bold stance at the L.A. County Board of Supervisors meeting is more than just a moment of activism; it's a call to action for public health improvements in the face of ongoing challenges. As Los Angeles and the world continue to navigate the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, voices like Violet's remind us of the importance of community, empathy, and proactive measures to safeguard public health.