• Benny Blanco reveals plans to start a family
  • With songstress Selena Gomez
  • He shares his future aspirations

“You want to have kids with Selena? Have you told her you want to have kids yet?” Howard Stern probed, sparking an intriguing response from Blanco, “It’s always a topic of conversation to me every day.” It seems Blanco is more than ready to dive into fatherhood, boasting about his love for being around kids and his numerous godchildren and nephews. But when it came to the big question of popping the question, Blanco played coy, emphasizing his take-life-as-it-comes philosophy.

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A romance blossoming in the limelight

The lovebirds, who confirmed their relationship six months ago in December 2023, have been the center of media attention, especially with Gomez flaunting their romance through PDA-filled social media posts. Their connection, which started on a seemingly accidental date, has blossomed into a beautiful partnership, with Blanco describing Gomez as his "best friend" and the duo laughing "all f–king day."

Before igniting their romance, Blanco and Gomez had been in each other's orbit for years, notably collaborating on the 2019 hit "I Can’t Get Enough" alongside J. Balvin and Tainy. Their relationship took a romantic turn, with Gomez recently declaring Blanco as "the best thing that’s ever happened" to her, highlighting the profound respect and love they share.

As the couple navigates their journey together, fans eagerly await any hints of engagement bells ringing. With Gomez's ex, Justin Bieber, announcing his impending fatherhood, all eyes are on Blanco and Gomez, wondering if baby news is on the horizon for this loved-up duo.

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