• Bethenny Frankel gained her fame from the hit series Real Housewives of New York
  • Since leaving the show, Frankel has focused her time on philanthropic work
  • Frankel owns the not-for-profit organization BStrong

Bethenny Frankel is making sure that no one gets left behind! The reality TV star and millionaire made sure that her big bucks are going to a good cause amidst the Ukrainian crisis.

On Wednesday, the Ukraine border was invaded by Russia, and on Thursday multiple bombings took place sending thousands of the Ukrainian people feeling their homes.

Bethenny Frankel sends $10M in supplies

BStrong, the non-profit organization run by the reality star has done some serious aid to the Ukrainian refugees fleeing to Poland. Bethenny Frankel sent $10 million dollars worth of supplies to aid those in need from the Russian invasion. 

Bethenny Frankel attends the Dress for Success Be Bold Gala.

The roll-out of supplies includes blankets, toiletries, water, generators, and food. Of her organization. Frankel says that they're very quick to rush to aid, and there's a reason for it!

"We're very immediate because we already have a warehouse that's filled with $16 million in aid," she said. "Here, we can just be very quick."

BStrong was created by the Real Housewives alum and has worked on plenty of crises. Although, Frankel said that it wasn't initially going to be such a big project. 

Working with trucking partners, volunteers and professionals in the philanthropy world, Frankel has been able to send the kits to Poland, which the refugees will receive by Monday. 

"Today, one 40-foot container went," she told People. "Tomorrow, two 40-foot containers will go out ... And then Monday, two additional 40-footers will go out, and it's good to sort of stagger because it's a lot more than you can visualize: $10 million in aid is an extraordinary amount."

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Each container holds $250,000 worth of supplies. So what's in these kits? Well, the SkinnyGirl entrepreneur says that it's just the basics!

"It's the things that people would need immediately if displaced. Just the basic, basic needs," she said.

Frankel also notes that just leaving the country to get to Poland is a task in itself.

"It's taking people seven hours to exit. Airways are closed, so it's taking seven hours for people to get out, and you're seeing the crazy traffic, and it's escalating," she said.

"European countries are going to have to take in refugees, and Poland is already experiencing people coming in now. So it's the ideal place to set up," she said.

BStrong is accepting donations for the cause, and they are willing to continue to work towards the effort no matter how long this crisis goes on for.

"When the headlines fade, we're still finishing a mission. You can't go there, you can't commit to something without following through," she said.

"And aid has to be fully distributed, and money allocated to a certain disaster relief effort has to be fully distributed," she added. "So it's a long process. It's not a one-and-done thing."