Gabrielle Carteris was almost thirty when she was cast as "Andrea Zuckerman Vasquez" in the hit series Beverly Hills, 90210. Carteris was a member of the main cast until the end of the fifth season in 1995, just like Jason Priestley. Carteris left the show when she became pregnant, but still had several guest appearances and starred in the series's big finale.

Gabrielle Carteris: The best of both worlds

After her big breakthrough, Gabrielle Carteris hosted the talk show Gabrielle in 1995. The show only ran for one season. After that, Carteris worked as a voice actress and appeared in various films. She also appeared in numerous TV series, such as Johnny Bravo (1998), Crossing Jordan (2005), and Criminal Minds (2010).

Luke Perry passed away due to a major stroke

The '90210' Cast Reunited To Say Farewell To Luke Perry

Gabrielle Carteris is happily married

Gabrielle Carteris has been married to the stockbroker Charles Isaacs since 1992. The couple has had two daughters, Kelsey Rose and Molly Elizabeth. Gabrielle Carteris has also been president of SAG-AFTRA, an organization that promotes the rights of media personalities since 2016.

Gabrielle Carteris: She had half-sided facial paralysis

Gabrielle Carteris made headlines in 2006 when she hurt herself so badly whilst shooting a fight scene that she was left with one side of her face paralyzed. Luckily, movement returned after several months and Gabrielle Carteris was over the moon, she had been very afraid that she would never recover.

"Andrea" will be back in the 90210 reboot

Gabrielle Carteris, like the rest of the cast aside from the late Luke Perry, was actually back for the Beverly Hills, 90210 reboot, which was on the air beginning August 7, 2019.

Beverly Hills 90210 Cast 1992

The premiere date for the new episodes was also announced!

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