• Billie Eilish was called out by Kanye West for her comment
  • Eilish acknowledged the situation by replying to West's post
  • West did not receive a public apology from Eilish

Billie Eilish recently made headlines alongside Kanye West for a very surprising reason! On Thursday, West made an Instagram post directed at Eilish after something the "No Time to Die" singer recently said during her concert, and it didn't take her long to respond.

Eilish explains that she "was just helping a fan"

Eilish went out of her way to briefly stop a recent concert mid-show due to a fan in the audience having an asthma attack. "I wait for the people to be okay before I keep going," she said at the time. However, some — including West — have taken her words as an affront to Travis Scott, who continued performing during the Astroworld Festival tragedy last year.


He took to Instagram with a bizarre rant directed at Eilish, which saw him include an image of a tabloid headline about the incident. He insisted that the 20-year-old singer needs to apologize to Scott and the victims' families, and stated that he will not perform at Coachella unless she apologizes. While Eilish saw the post and replied to West, she did not take back her words. 

Also interesting:

"literally never said a thing about travis. was just helping a fan," Eilish simply stated. Her fans were quick to show their support for the star after she spoke out, with her reply to West receiving over 100K likes! At this time, West has not responded to Eilish's remark, but hopefully they will be able to reach an understanding now that she has shared her side of things.