Billie Eilish has shared her journey with religion for the first time! As People mentions, the discussion took place in a brand-new episode of Eilish's me & dad radio, where she converses with her dad, Patrick O'Connell.

Eilish says that as a kid, she "was super religious"

Eilish revealed that religion used to be an important part of her life when she was younger. "I don't know if any of you know — I don't think I've ever talked about it," Eilish said. "When I was little, when I was a little kid, I was super religious for no damn reason."

"My family never was religious. I didn't know anyone that was religious," she explained. "And for some reason, as a little girl, I just was incredibly religious."

Eilish suddenly became "anti-religious" one day

Eilish said her religious phase lasted for years, until all of a sudden it stopped. "And then at one point, I don't know what happened," she said. "It just completely went away."

She said that this drastic change in beliefs made her "almost anti-religious for no reason also." However, it ultimately led to her becoming much more open-minded when it came to entertaining other perspectives on faith.

Eilish says that she's "loved the idea of other beliefs"

Eilish admitted she has no idea what suddenly caused her to stop seeing herself as religious. "And I don't know why that happened. I don't know what made me that way," she explained. "And then after that period of my life, I've loved the idea of other beliefs."

"And I think people with closed minds, people like me from a couple years ago — I think that's very pathetic to have a closed mind," she continued. "It's very lame. I love hearing people's beliefs."

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Eilish is passionate about discussing different beliefs

Eilish then shared how she values learning about different belief systems. "And I love talking about what people believe in and hearing why they believe in it and what makes them believe in it," she went on to say.

"And especially if I don't agree, because I like to listen and I like to understand. And I think it's really important to be supportive of all beliefs in the world and all opinions and not shoot people down for what they believe in."

Eilish's father calls religious phase "pretty marvelous"

"From my point of view, as a parent, we did not go to church and we didn't really talk about religion at all," Eilish's father said. "And wasn't in our household very much. And you just ... believed."

"You had all these kind of organized thoughts about the whole thing. And I thought it was pretty marvelous," he told his daughter during the podcast. "I didn't object to it. I didn't say you can't believe that." 

Eilish says she has a "neutral" stance on religion

Eilish shared that while her family members "were really supportive" of her religious phase, she doesn't have any strong feelings about faith at present. "I don't, not believe and I don't do believe. I'm in a very neutral position," she admitted. "I'm open to every belief pretty much."

She also mentioned she's a fan of "the idea that there's a God," despite not having any fixed religious beliefs. "So why not? How would I know?" Eilish asked. "I'm not going to say I know I don't, nobody knows."

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