Bindi Irwin is sharing how she feels when it comes to social media! Irwin recently talked to Page Six about the topic, opening up about why she approaches it with a certain viewpoint.

Irwin says she wants to "revel in the good"

Irwin acknowledged both the good and bad sides of choosing to use social media. While she mentioned that there is a "negative" aspect to things, she said that she has "chosen to try to revel in the good" when it comes to her online presence. She can be found on both Twitter and Instagram, often sharing sweet photos of her family.

These pictures include candid shots of her with husband Chandler Powell and their daughter, Grace Warrior, who was born earlier this year. Animals from the Australia Zoo also frequently feature on her Instagram feed! Irwin explained that she is "trying to bring a little more light and love in everyone's day" with these posts.

Chandler Powell and Bindi Irwin at Bindi's 21st birthday celebration at Australia Zoo on July 24, 2019.

Irwin also mentioned that some of the negativity surrounding social media comes from reading what others say about her posts, sharing her advice for dealing with this. She suggested that it's best to "really try not to read those bad comments," advising a healthier approach. Instead, she has urged people to "choose to rise, and continue to do what you love."

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