• Christine Chiu is one of the most talked-about women on Bling Empire
  • She is one of the richest on the show
  • She is the founder of Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery

If you've been watching Bling Empire on Netflix, you definitely will remember the Queen of couture, Christine Chiu! But who exactly is this luxury-rich woman? Well, we've got all your answers!

Christine Chiu is a successful businesswoman

There's more to Ms. Chiu than meets the eye! In the first few episodes of season one, Chiu, 38, is painted as a cold and rich, very, very rich woman, who values money and material things above all else. However, as time goes on, viewers got to see the realness behind her perfect persona, her relatability surrounding her fertility issues and immense pressure from her family. She quickly became a fan favourite, gaining a soft spot in all our hearts. 

Christine Chiu attends The Elizabeth Taylor Ball to End AIDS at The City of West Hollywood Park

Her immense philanthropic work and very successful businesses are just the tip of the iceberg that is Christine Chui! Being the founder of one of the most prestigious plastic surgery clinics in Hollywood, Chiu launched the extremely successful office Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery which has served a plethora of A-listers - although she'll never spill who!

Furthermore, her incredible philanthropic work has garnered a lot of attention. UNICEF Chinese Children's Initiative, Step Up Woman's Network, and St. Judes Children's Research Hospital have all been recipients of some hefty cheques and publicity events.

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Let's not forget that Chiu met Prince Charles in 2019, and launched a major charity. Yes, that's right - the Prince Charles! Prince's Foundation Chiu Integrated Health Programme in Cumnock, Scotland, provides locals with top-notch care and is a great asset to the community that otherwise wouldn't have the opportunities. 

Along with her impressive resume, it's no secret that as much as she helps others - she likes to help herself to some major fashion moments. For example, Chiu posted to Instagram in 2021 that her Thanksgiving look, which was a vintage couture dress from Dolce & Gabanna, retailed at - well let's just say it's got more zero's at the end than most people's rent!

And it makes sense, not only is her net worth around $12 million dollars, but her husband, Gabriel Chiu, is practically Chinese royalty! If dynasties still existed in China, Gabriel would be an emperor, and their son, Gabriel Jr., 3, would be a little prince!

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