• Season 2 of Bling Empire was released on Friday
  • The show has reached Netflix's top 10
  • The cast partied on a yacht to celebrate

Bling Empire is making waves in the reality TV world, and is the only reality series based out of Hollywood that features an all-Asian cast! The groundbreaking series has been wildly successful and fans are quick to share their support!

The cast parties on a yacht to celebrate 

Ah yes, the classic weekends on a yacht because our show has reached 3# nationwide party! Oh, you don't do that? The cast of Bling Empire is anything but average, and they took the world by storm showing off their uber-opulent lifestyle, fancy cars, and caviar-filled dinner parties!

Christine Chiu, one of the richest Asian-American women in the country, posted the boat party on her Instagram and we're pretty envious of all that luxury!

In the video, Chiu can be seen dancing on a huge yacht with caviar and champagne everywhere, all the while sitting on cushions of their faces. Yes, you read that right.

Hunky hottie Kevin Kreider shared on his own social media pages that Chiu was the one to throw the lavish event, and all major cast members were in attendance.

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Chiu wrote alongside the video, "Bling on boat, Netflix and Float," and was proud of her castmates as they celebrate being on the no.3 spot on Netflix all weekend!

This season things got a little wild as allegations of affairs, romances and frenemies all take place!

Season one and two are now streaming on Netflix.